My Afterparty Shawl grew where it wasn’t supposed to. It’s a sneaky thing, deciding to make itself bigger than it should be. I was supposed to have 204 stitches at the end of the section i did. I have 210. I need to rip back, but really haven’t felt like it yet. I’ll get to it.

I need to attempt the afterthought heels again on the socks I’ve been making. They’ve been sitting around not being touched for a while now. I’ll get to it. So many WIPs and no FOs. I’ve just been feeling blah lately. Either pain or tiredness counting down until my surgery at the end of April. I’ll get to the stuff eventually.

I’m considering starting the baby blanket I have planned early. I was going to start it when I was off recovering, but now that I have all of the yarn I kind of want to now. I’m going to make Bounce by TinCanKnits for a family friend that is having a baby in a few months. I still need to figure out something to make for my cousin’s pending baby, but I’m not sure because I didn’t make anything for her first OR for my other cousin’s baby. I try to be as equal as possible.

I have a new blog launching! I write for a local magazine in my area, and decided that I am going to post my new column series to a blog after it’s publishing. I am working on my first article/entry tonight. It’s going to be called and is going to focus on the craft beer/brewery scene in Southwestern Pennsylvania. I’m meeting with a brewery tonight to interview and take photos. I’m hoping I can get this done in time that it’ll get into the next issue. Tomorrow, husband and I are going to check out another brewery that is having a food truck round up, I’m still trying to schedule to meet with them, though. I’m excited for this column, and I’m really hoping that it turns out!


What’s up?

I haven’t had much to post so, well, I haven’t. I haven’t done much knitting the last week. Most of it is done at work and I’ve been too busy with actual work to do that. I’m still plugging along at the ‘Afterparty Shawl’ by Dominique Trad and still working on a basic beanie that a coworker asked me to make. I am never doing that again. I’ve realized that like holiday knitting, I don’t like not just knitting for enjoyment, so when this is done, that’s it.

Yesterday I had a fair amount of time to knit, BUT I was making pastrami on the smoker and really didn’t want to get the yarn all smokey smelling from my hands so I watched TV and did nothing else really… I’ll get to it. The pastrami turned out alright for my first try, and I have another slab of meat thawing so that I can put it in a brine. I know what to do differently this time, so I am excited to attempt it a second time. We initially got a smoker back in…2013 or so, as a Christmas gift from husband’s parents. It was initially for him, because he had started to make ribs with a makeshift smoker on our propane grill. He really didn’t have the patience for it, so I took over, and love it. We got an upgrade a couple Xmas’ ago from my parents and I am still adjusting to that smoker. We’ve recently started buying pastrami at the grocery store deli, so I figured: why not attempt it? So the first batch is sliced (by hand, so a bit thick,) and vacuum sealed into the freezer in smaller batches. Now, I am off to order supplies that I need! I like buying grilling/smoking supplies almost as much as I enjoy buying yarn. If there was a yarn + bbq festival, I’d be in heaven.

Well, until next time!


Pattern for charity?

This is going to be a quick post, but I’ll write a lengthier one later or this weekend! I found out that a woman on one of the ravelry boards I frequent is local and raising funds for an event she is participating in with a local humane society. I decided that 50% of all sales of my “Which Way to Cuzco?” pattern will be donated. This will run until 4/6/2018.


Or you can go to the Ravelry Page . Thank you!


Accessory Thursday

I’m supposed to blog about hats or mitts today. I mean, technically I do have a hat cast-on, but I haven’t done much work on it. A coworker wants me to make a bun hat for her to give as a gift. I am never taking work for people again, it’s not enjoyable, I feel forced, and, well, I just don’t like knitting something I HAVE to get done. I want to knit everything but. I’m not using a certain pattern, I’m just knitting a basic bulky beanie with a hole in the top. I think I’m going to add a little elastic to the opening to make it stretchy. I don’t even have a photo to show you because I hate it.

I have yarn for a pair of fingerless mitts for husband but haven’t even considered casting on yet. He chose the pattern, too. Also, I want to try to do some planned pooling for mitts for myself, but have no idea where to start so I’ll just knit them regular I guess. I haven’t decided on a pattern for myself yet.

I AM working on a KAL shawl, though, and I’m loving it. I still have a long way to go, and I’m considering entering it in a fair, but not sure. I kind of just want to wear it when it’s done… (I’m a bit farther along in the 3rd garter section than this shows)


Afterparty shawl by Dominique Trad

Pattern suggestions?

OK so back when I had been knitting steadily for only about 6 months, I went to a small festival that just happened to have a woman selling hand dyed yarn. It was all rustic yarns, though, and at the time I didn’t know there was anything other than wool and acrylic. I bought 900 yards of sport weight 100% New Zealand Romney yarn. It’s a pale green color, and I still love the color. I still haven’t even wound it all because it was a giant knotted mess. (The husband will untangle it for me, thankfully.) I have no idea what to do with it, though. I have no other yarn that is the same type of wool or even rustic at all. I want to use it, but just am at a loss…I think it’ll be too scratchy for a sweater, but I guess I could knit a swatch to wash and block to see if it softens up then decide? What would you use this for? I have no idea why I bought 900 yards. I think I was just overly excited. Now, when I buy yarn, I at least buy stuff that I have an idea what to do with.

This post is just a cry for help regarding this yarn I have and want to use. I’ll love you forever if you can make suggestions.


Once Upon a Sock: March! (My first ever)

Ok! So this is my first OUaS post ever. You may not know me because of that, and that’s fine. I am a new knitter, a new blogger, and Ravelry is pretty much my only Social Media. I am trying to get more into sock knitting, so we’ll see how that goes. You may be hearing about the same socks forever until I turn into a skeleton.

I have two pairs on the needles, technically, right now. One pair, if you haven’t read back far enough, is a pair I was making for my dad for Christmas. I decided to try two at a time, toe up, contrasting heel/toe, AND afterthought heel. I have done none of those techniques before. NONE. Well, I hate afterthought heel. I just finished one today. I still need to do the other one this weekend. The main yarn is “Eat Sidewalk” from Ms Knotty – strictly from my LYS, Kid Ewe Knot. The black contrast is just some kind of Knit Picks black someone mailed me. Seriously, guys…the heel on this is so bad. I apparently have no idea how to do a kitchener, which I’ve done a zillion times before.


Can that get any worse? Fingers crossed he can at least wear them around the house…

Then, I’ve been working on this pair of socks with yarn from Countess Ablaze called “Fake Your Death.” I want to do a short row heel, but for some reason it’s not working. I’ve tinked it 3x so far. I will give the short row heel one more shot when I have nothing else going on and see how it goes. My mom wants the Countess Ablaze ones, but it is not superwash so I’m not sure if she’ll really want them after I tell her that.


Neither is an actual pattern, just a random stockinette knit with a toe up construction.  I really need to figure out what I am doing; I have sock yarn for a pair for husband, and also saw a cute self patterning kit to make a pair for my nephew. They were animal spots, and his favorite animal (for now) is a cheetah. I feel like he needs those in his life, right?

Thank you to Katherine @ Fiber & Sustenance for the invite! There is also Kat @ Felinity Knits , Paula @ Spin a Yarn and…I am not sure who I am missing!! I am still learning who is around. Let me know who I missed and i’ll make sure I follow + add to the list!



I missed Stefanie @ Stefanie Crafts with Wool Paper Fabric

My Making Do Adventure

Knitting from the Hip

I still need to grab names… oops! This is a learning curve, definitely…


Quick update!

So my original plans didn’t work out for Ravellenics because, well, I am like Dory from Finding Nemo and can’t focus or make up my mind. I finished the mittens, and I made another hat for myself. I needed a more neutral color to wear in place of

20180217_084814.jpgthe yellow ‘cable rouge’ pattern, so I made the Yarnster slouchy hat. I. LOVE. IT. It’s basic but just what I needed. It’s also not as loose fitting as the yellow one (that is because I screwed up the yellow one…) and it’s not a weird looking tiny Meg Griffin-like hat like my first one that was supposed to be slouchy.


Also? I started to knit a baby sweater. It’s called “The Gift.” I still haven’t started the cardigan for myself, but thought I should practice a cardigan on a smaller scale, first, and a family friend is having a baby girl, I had yarn that didn’t have a project yet, so…yep! I’m attempting it anyway. I am nearly finished with the body, then will need to do the sleeves and button band. I will definitely playing yarn  chicken with it…

Hopefully the sweater is finished by the closing ceremonies. I am hoping I can get a fair amount done today, but we’ll see. There is a party at the local LYS for the Team Steel Woolies Ravellenics team this weekend, so hopefully I’m able to go. It’s a little bit of a drive from home, though.


Theme Posts, Anyone?

I’ve decided when it comes to writing, I work better with deadlines/due dates. Knitting…not so much aside from the fact that I rush to finish in time. So, in the spirit of me writing more with a deadline, I think I am going to try to join up with Fiber & Sustenance (and a few others that I am not sure of at this moment,) for the Once Upon a Sock posts monthly. They post on the first Thurs of the month so I’m going to try it.

Also, I think I am going to start my own theme day since I usually have multiple projects going. I want to post about either hats or mitts (I have a few pair of fingerless queued up) once a month (maybe… the 2nd Thursday of the month?) and then the 3rd or 4th Thursday I will dedicate to shawls. I am participating in the Jimmy Beans Wool MadTosh MKAL shawl so if I am not working on something then, I will just post about that. I do plan on knitting a shawl to enter in a local festival, though, and am still trying to decide.


OK SO! I got my first medal on Ravellenics. It’s for WIP Dancing, but still! I finished the mittens and they were a hit! I think I told you that. Now, I am working on the Yarnster hat by Shannon Cook. I needed a darker color, more neutral hat than the yellow one I wear. It’s coming along pretty quick, I’m hoping this will work out for the Hat Halfpipe in Ravellenics.

Do you want to join me in any of my monthly posts? I am going to kick off in March, so let me know!