Scarf for Grandma

This is the only Xmas gift I made this year. It was already started so I cheated. I was going to make mittens, too, and they are started, but I don’t see them being done in time. I had other gifts for them, though.



Pattern is the Dudester Scarf. Yarn is alpaca yarn from Quaint Acres Alpacas.


Hat weather (+ a code)

I’m working on a ‘messy bun’ hat for my sister and the weather is changing here and starting to get cooler. Pretty soon it will be hat weather! Right now I sneak them in when I can. In honor of the weather changing, There is a coupon code for the first 10 people to purchase my Which Way to Cuzco? hat pattern! $1 off which makes it $1.50, normally $2.50. The code is Falltumn.



Mojo…is that you?

20180925_165325My mojo may be returning. Hopefully. I think the weather change to fall really helped. I made that hat that I post a few weeks ago and have since made myself a simple pair of fingerless mitts and have made a pair for my husband. I am about to start a messy bun hat (I really hate the looks of those…) for my sister. She doesn’t know it, though. I don’t think I am going to follow a pattern, I am using some leftover yarn that I 20180919_120416_medium2had, cast on 80, and will see what happens. I may also start the swatch for my cardigan, but haven’t decided yet. I still have a scarf, socks, and shawl to finish. I’ll get to that eventually. I hope. I just purchased some yarn and needles this weekend, too, to make mittens for my nephews. Are you seeing a trend?

In the mean time, I am trying to find a retreat for my mother and I to possibly attend. The difficulty there, though, is that she doesn’t yarn. She likes to sew and would like to learn new techniques regarding that, while I can take knitting classes. It doesn’t really look like there are many that have both, so that might end up being a pipe dream.

Non knitting news:

I am back to calorie counting. I started 15 days ago and am down 4.2 lbs. so far. I have ~75 lbs to go or so. Maybe I’ll get there. Even if I don’t get to the weight I want, just thinner would be nice. The husband is eating better, too, which helps. We have cut soda pretty much completely.

What’s new with you?




I assume you’ve noticed I haven’t post in a while. I have both startitis and finishitis. I forced myself to finish that baby blanket, then I made a hat. That’s it. I haven’t worked on the socks for husband, the shawl I started ages ago, the blanket that has been a WIP for years, nothing. I have no motivation to knit. I haven’t to read, either, but that could be because I am waiting for a book from the library that I really want to read. With regards to knitting, I want to start my cardigan, or a pair of vanilla socks for me, but I just…can’t. Any suggestions on what to do?


Blanket update

Sorry for the poor photo, but the blanket is finished. It isn’t as big as I had planned, it ended up being 30″x34″, but still turned out decent. Hopefully the baby likes it when she is born, too.


Now I can work on the husband’s socks and the shawl that I haven’t touched. Or start something new. I don’t know at this point; I’m just glad the blanket is done.


Silence Is Golden?

I know when my nephews are being quiet, there is the assumption they have gotten into something they shouldn’t have. Especially the little one. I’ve been quiet a bit lately, and actually have been getting in to trouble, too, so to speak. I have a baby blanket that is 1/3 of the way done and needs finished by 6/15. I have socks for husband that need worked on, they are toe up, two at a time, and aren’t even halfway through the foot. Ok, MAYBE halfway.  I haven’t done much knitting at all lately; normally it’s done at work but I haven’t felt like it. On the weekends, when I should be knitting, the husband and I have been going away/out. This weekend we are most likely staying in. I’ll have all weekend to knit. Maybe when the blanket and socks are done I can work more on the shawl that’s only halfway done. (See how I said when? Optimism. I got it.)

I’ve also been reaching out to people to set up interviews for my new magazine column on local breweries. Waiting to schedule now. My first article will be published this month, and they will also be listed on Southwest Pintsylvania, a blog I’ll be updating each month with the corresponding monthly articles. (June is up now if you are interested.)

Well, until next time. If I have anything done with socks, it’ll be Thursday, otherwise it will be when I am finished with something.


Babies Shouldn’t Be Cold…

I know I briefly mentioned that I was starting a baby blanket. Well, it’s started. It’s for a baby girl a family friend is having, and it’s blue because the bedroom was supposed to be fish/ocean themed. You read that right; supposed to be. They changed the bedroom theme and it’s now nothing blue at all. I’m still powering through, though, and still plan on finishing it. I did make a sweater for the baby, and am debating on giving the blanket to her still or sending it to a family member having a boy. If I sent it to the family member, then I feel obligated to send something for her older child + my other cousin’s child, whom I sent nothing for at the birth.

The first color repeat is done.

The baby girl may just end up with a blue blanket…