Babies Shouldn’t Be Cold…

I know I briefly mentioned that I was starting a baby blanket. Well, it’s started. It’s for a baby girl a family friend is having, and it’s blue because the bedroom was supposed to be fish/ocean themed. You read that right; supposed to be. They changed the bedroom theme and it’s now nothing blue at all. I’m still powering through, though, and still plan on finishing it. I did make a sweater for the baby, and am debating on giving the blanket to her still or sending it to a family member having a boy. If I sent it to the family member, then I feel obligated to send something for her older child + my other cousin’s child, whom I sent nothing for at the birth.

The first color repeat is done.

The baby girl may just end up with a blue blanket…


6 thoughts on “Babies Shouldn’t Be Cold…

  1. I’m about 5 inches away from finishing a baby blanket that I haven’t been able to blog about. I feel your pain with the change in plans. It is a very pretty blanket and I would just send it off to them in the color palette originally chosen. Girls like blue too 😀

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