Once Upon A Sock – April!


Color: Countess Ablaze – Fake Your Death BFL

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a month already. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have anything done on the socks, because of how distracted, blah, and just…unmotivated I’ve been, but that changed in the last few days! I finally figured out a short row heel!! It’s not perfect, but for the first time? Not bad! It fits well, I like knitting it WAY more than a top down flap, and really see myself knitting more socks. I really love the two at a time toe up. It goes faster, and now that I understand a heel, I think I’ll fly through them!

Do you have any favorite toe up sock patterns?

I am also still working on the Afterparty Shawl, but had to rip out an entire garter section because my stitch count was off. I’m not sure what I did, but it was just easier to rip back completely and start the section over. It is a KAL, and is supposed to be done by the end of the month…we’ll see. I am hoping to wear it to MDSW, though!


I’ve cast on a new pair this morning, and you really can’t tell it’s a pair of socks yet, so I’ve included the yarn I’ll be using in the photo. My husband’s favorite colors are pink and black, and I thought this yarn that I bought when we went away last Labor Day would be perfect. (He actually commented how much he liked it when I purchased it.) I am going to do a contrasting heel/toe/cuff this time, and I think I’ll make them closer to crew socks than ankle socks. They are superwash merino so if he REALLY wants, he can comfortably wear them hiking. I’m only knitting the toe right now so I am trying to decide if I want to do a subtle pattern in the rest or not. I think the sole will be stockinette regardless.

I want to thank these lovely bloggers for allowing me to join them on their Once Upon a Sock adventure! I hope I remembered everyone! Until next time!


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21 thoughts on “Once Upon A Sock – April!

  1. Wow, congratulations! The socks look fantastic.

    Once upon a sock has kind of exploded this month! Have a look at my latest post for the full list – we are up to 12 in total (wow!). I’ll update my post to link through to yours.


  2. TAAT is the bee’s knees! Even cuff down goes so much faster. 😀

    I love the colour combo for your husband’s socks! One day I might knit some socks for my husband but uh, I have so many to knit for myself. 😉


    1. I have a feeling it is going to be annoying to knit, lol, because man-feet, but eh. We’ll see! I need to run to the LYS today to get a pair of US1 magic loop needles. I used a 2 for mine, and think it’ll work well for his since it’s slightly heavier fingering, but need smaller.


  3. Yah for trying a short row heel! I have tried that once. I wonder if it’s like an afterthought as it’s been a very long time. I need to try those socks on again.


    1. I love how you added the new members. Gracey is actually not her name ^__^; it’s Tammy; I follow her on IG also and had to look it up this morning, LOL.


  4. Cute little ankle socks! Love the speckled yarn 🙂

    What type of short row heel did you use? Lately I’ve been doing FLK heels on my toe-up socks, mostly because it’s easily memorized so that I don’t need to refer to a pattern. Last month I did a pair with German Short Rows … I hadn’t done that type of heel in a while … and it reminded me about how much I liked that type of heel too.

    For your husband’s crew socks you might like a subtle easy masculine pattern like Ringwood Pattern which is worked across an even number of stitches and through 3 rounds which repeat:

    Round 1: K1, P1
    Round 2: Knit
    Round 3: Knit

    Here’s a link to a pair of Ringwood Socks that I completed in January if you want to see how it looks knit up:

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide and a photo of your progress for your May update 🙂


    1. thanks! I am not sure the name of the heel, honestly. I found a video on youtube that finally clicked after looking at (what felt like) a zillion videos of short row heels! I do like that pattern for husband’s socks. thank you!


  5. Super cute socks! My hubby does not want me to knit him socks…I say Good. All the more for me 🙂 I really like the colors and look forward to seeing what you decide 😀 My favorite short row heel is the German Short Row. It seems to fit really well, as long as I knit a heel flap to go with it so it fits over my monster heels…LOL

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  6. Well done on your socks! I think heels get easier the more you do them–but there is the issue of which heel to do! There are so many methods. I am on a flk heel kick currently–it seems to fit my narrow heel the best. Plus it is easily memorized and I don’t get any holes!
    Thanks for stopping by my newly resurrected blog the other day— 🙂


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