Once Upon a Sock: March! (My first ever)

Ok! So this is my first OUaS post ever. You may not know me because of that, and that’s fine. I am a new knitter, a new blogger, and Ravelry is pretty much my only Social Media. I am trying to get more into sock knitting, so we’ll see how that goes. You may be hearing about the same socks forever until I turn into a skeleton.

I have two pairs on the needles, technically, right now. One pair, if you haven’t read back far enough, is a pair I was making for my dad for Christmas. I decided to try two at a time, toe up, contrasting heel/toe, AND afterthought heel. I have done none of those techniques before. NONE. Well, I hate afterthought heel. I just finished one today. I still need to do the other one this weekend. The main yarn is “Eat Sidewalk” from Ms Knotty – strictly from my LYS, Kid Ewe Knot. The black contrast is just some kind of Knit Picks black someone mailed me. Seriously, guys…the heel on this is so bad. I apparently have no idea how to do a kitchener, which I’ve done a zillion times before.


Can that get any worse? Fingers crossed he can at least wear them around the house…

Then, I’ve been working on this pair of socks with yarn from Countess Ablaze called “Fake Your Death.” I want to do a short row heel, but for some reason it’s not working. I’ve tinked it 3x so far. I will give the short row heel one more shot when I have nothing else going on and see how it goes. My mom wants the Countess Ablaze ones, but it is not superwash so I’m not sure if she’ll really want them after I tell her that.


Neither is an actual pattern, just a random stockinette knit with a toe up construction.  I really need to figure out what I am doing; I have sock yarn for a pair for husband, and also saw a cute self patterning kit to make a pair for my nephew. They were animal spots, and his favorite animal (for now) is a cheetah. I feel like he needs those in his life, right?

Thank you to Katherine @ Fiber & Sustenance for the invite! There is also Kat @ Felinity Knits , Paula @ Spin a Yarn and…I am not sure who I am missing!! I am still learning who is around. Let me know who I missed and i’ll make sure I follow + add to the list!



I missed Stefanie @ Stefanie Crafts with Wool Paper Fabric

My Making Do Adventure

Knitting from the Hip

I still need to grab names… oops! This is a learning curve, definitely…

14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock: March! (My first ever)

  1. Hi There and welcome to Once Upon a Sock! We are so happy to have you join us 🙂 I totally agree with Katherine about the Smooth Operator pattern by Susan Anderson. That’s how I learned to make after thought heels…thanks to all her photos! It is definitely worth the price if you are going to continue on with that type of heel. With that being said, I also do not enjoy doing afterthought heels. I don’t feel they fit my wide feet with high arches very well.

    I will also tell you that even after knitting many pairs of socks, I still have to look up the Kitchener stitch. Check out last month’s sock post if you don’t believe me 😀 Both pair of your socks are very nice. I especially love the colorway for your Countess Ablaze yarn. I’ve never worked with it and might give it a try once I cull down my sock yarn stash a wee bit.

    I do the same thing as Stefanie with the copy and paste thing…however, this month has been different for all of us since we had so many new people join.


  2. Yay so glad you decided to join! I’d told Kat, Stef and Paula you might! We’ve got a few more people who have joined in this month — if you’d like you can pull their names off my blog or Kat, Stef, or Paula’s 🙂

    I’m sorry you didnt’ love the afterthought heel and that the short row heel has been giving you trouble. Susan Anderson’s Smooth Operator sock pattern is really great and includes photo tutorials of an afterthought heel, if you can face giving it another go! I love the Countess Ablaze you’re using, it’s so fun!

    Thanks again for joining in with us, great to have you!


  3. Aloha, welcome to Once Upon A Sock! So lovely to have you join our sock circle. You are working with great sock yarn. I’ve made toe up socks once, the heel being a short row one. I’d like to try it again but with a different heel other than afterthought. I find it helps to have a introduction to the group and what we’re about, + who’s in it so I can copy paste each month if that helps ^__^.


    1. Hello. I’ve created a new graphic for Once Upon a Sock. If you are interested in using it for this coming Thursday, pls email me at kepaniecreations at gmail dot com so I can email it to you.


  4. Hey, how nice to have you join us! I am wowed at all the new techniques you are learning at once! Agree with the tips he others have given – and also there is no pressure for lots of progress every month, sometimes I have nothing new to show and post about possible future patterns instead 😀


    1. I’m hoping I end up loving socks, because I want more than just 2 pairs of hand knit socks! I prefer knitting shawls or hats, though; I just cast on a shawl (and am going to try to do a monthly shawl post) and have a hat on the needles, as well.

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